February 28, 2020
  • 6:21 am Change Your Door Locks if you find yourself in these Scenarios
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Your home is a huge investment that should be protected whether you are home or not. This is what saw the innovation of home security systems. To deter intruders and burglars, your back and front doors must have strong locks. Just locking the doors is not enough. Your first line of defence is your locks and in some instances, it’s recommended that you change your locks or consider lock rekeying. Here are those such instances:

  • You Cannot Trace Your Keys

It has been over 24hrs since you last saw your house keys. The problem is, you have no idea where the keys could be and unauthorized person could be having them. Do not take chances with your home security hoping that you will find the keys. Instead, have the locks changed. 

  • A Renovation has just been completed

You never know who could compromise your locks. You probably trust your contractor but remember there were several other people involved in the renovation. To eliminate any chances of having your locks compromised and preventing unauthorized access, have the locks changed.

  • You Have Moved in to a New Home

If you have bought or rented a home that was previously someone’s house, it’s highly recommended that you change the locks. The previous owner could still be having a spare key, an inspector or authorized agent could also access the key in the lock box. Rather than hoping no one has a spare key to your house, change the locks.

  • The Locks Have Seen their Better Days

Does your locks look like they are worn out? The locks might have started having issues such as the key getting stuck or the locks seem to be rusty. Locks also get wear and tear. In such a case, for the security of your home, it’s vital to change them. Not being proactive in this case might lead to a lockout or a break-in. 

If the locks on your front and back door looks cheap, you moved in to a new house, someone has accessed your house and you don’t know how, a renovation has just been completed or you cannot trace your keys, you need to change the locks. When you decide to change the locks, don’t just change the existing ones. Enhance your home security by considering rekeying, investing in a smart home security system and change the passcodes including that of the garage.